·         Do you desire to worship God in Spirit and in Truth

·         Do you desire to be among Christian with love of God in their hearts

·         Do you want people you can call your family member and feel at home

·         Do you have any challenges and you want to share them with brethren

·         Are you looking for a place to express the gifts and talents in you

·         Do you have a family migrating from your home country to Canada, we are here to help.

Anglican Church of the Cross Ottawa is here for you. it is a place to be and Home away from Home!


Join us today

We are different in making the Truth of the Word of God a Reality. No perversion can reduce the potency of the Word of God. We stand for the Word always


 Do you desire to support and be part of this mission with your seed, just go ahead and receive the blessing. God bless you.


Matthew 25 initiative is the vision of Anglican Communion in the North America led by the Primate, The Most Rev Foley Beach. Take advantage of it today for better life. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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